Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Sarah's dream

 Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived a young girl named Sarah. Sarah was a hardworking and kind person, but she had a big dream of traveling the world. However, she lived in a poor family and they could barely afford their daily needs. Despite this, Sarah never gave up on her dream and worked hard to save money for her future journey.

One day, a traveling circus came to the village, and Sarah was fascinated by the performers and their incredible skills. She knew that this was her chance to see the world and make her dream come true. She asked the circus master if she could join the circus as a performer, and to her surprise, he agreed.

Sarah worked hard to learn new skills such as acrobatics, tightrope walking and juggling. She practiced day and night to perfect her acts and soon became one of the main performers of the circus.

As Sarah traveled with the circus, she saw many beautiful places and met many interesting people. She was grateful for the opportunity to fulfill her dream and to make a living doing something she loved.

However, after few years of traveling, Sarah realized that her family was getting older, and she missed them a lot. She decided to come back home and use her earnings to help her family and the community. She used her circus skills to teach the children in the village and help them to discover their own talents.

Sarah learned that sometimes, chasing your dreams can lead you to unexpected places and that it's also important to come back home and give back to the community.

The end.


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