Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Lavis and Alex (part 1)


Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Lavis. He lived in a small town where everyone knew everyone, but Lavis always felt like an outsider. He never met his father, and his mother worked long hours to make ends meet, so Lavis spent most of his time alone. Despite this, he was a kind and polite child who always had a smile on his face and was deeply passionate about music.

Lavis's love for music made him a target for bullies at school. They would make fun of him for his taste in music and his quiet nature, but Lavis never let their words get to him. He knew that he was different, and that was okay. He would always escape into his music, listening to his favorite songs on his headphones, and dream of one day being a famous musician.

On his 13th birthday, Lavis made a wish for something he had always wanted: a friend. He longed for someone who would understand him and accept him for who he was. Little did he know that his wish was about to come true in a very unexpected way.

One day, a new kid named Alex moved to Lavis's school, and he was very shy and didn't talk much. Just like Lavis, Alex was also bullied by his classmates for being different. But Lavis, who could relate to how Alex felt, made sure to protect him from the bullies.

As they spent more time together, Lavis and Alex became close friends, and Lavis learned that Alex was from a distant planet, sent to Earth to test if humanity was ready to take their place among the stars. Alex had extraordinary abilities, including the power of teleportation and superhuman strength, but he was not supposed to reveal them to anyone.

Lavis and Alex had many exciting adventures together, and Lavis finally found a friend who truly understood him. But one day, tragedy struck when Lavis's mother was involved in a severe car accident and she was hospitalized, the family was on the verge of falling apart. Desperate to save his mother, Lavis begged Alex to use his powers to help. Alex, seeing Lavis's determination and his deep care for his mother, decided to reveal his true identity and use his powers to save her.

However, in doing so, Alex's cover was blown, and he was forced to return to his planet. Lavis was heartbroken to see his friend go, but he knew that his mother was alive and that was all that mattered. But the twist was yet to come, as when Alex left, he bestowed Lavis with the same extraordinary abilities he possessed. This would change Lavis life forever, and he started to use his powers for good, helping people in need and fighting for justice.

To be continue ..


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